K-Levels for Amputees

March 30th 2016

What are K-Levels?

K-levels are a form of classifying amputees into specific categories based on each patient’s potential for mobility. This style of classification is mostly used for people that have suffered from a lower-limb amputation because the absences of upper body limbs do not hinder the patient’s ability travel…

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Driving With Your Prosthesis

March 23rd 2016

The ability to drive a car seems to have become necessary to guarantee reliable transportation in the world today. Today’s society is fast-paced, so having a sure way to get to and from meetings, errands, and the occasional fast-food run is advantageous. However, one of the most frequently touched upon…

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4 Troubleshooting Tips for Common Prosthetic Issues

March 9th 2016

Prosthetic limbs are incredibly well-made pieces of equipment in today’s day and age. Prestigious doctors and engineers spend great amounts of time designing and developing various types of artificial limbs so that amputees will be able to lead a normal life after their surgeries. Prosthesis research has been evolving over…

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Commonly Used Terminology - B

March 2nd 2016

There are a lot of terms that you may come across as a new amputee that you don’t yet understand. Many of the technical terms for parts of the body or procedures can at first be confusing, or even intimidating.

Here are a few of the commonly used terms you…

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Louisville Dining & Kenney Orthopedics

February 24th 2016


Louisville, Kentucky has become quite the tourist destination over the past few years, for good reason. With attractions like the Kentucky Derby and the Louisville Slugger Museum that are sought after on a global scale, it was only a matter of time before this city was going to make…

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Louisville, Kentucky & Kenney Orthopedics

February 17th 2016


Louisville. Looeyville. Luhlvul. Lewisville. 

No matter how you pronounce it, it's a city full of rich history. Louisville is the largest city in the great state of Kentucky, and is one of the oldest cities west of the Appalachian Mountains. The history of Louisville spans hundreds of years, and has been heavily…

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Orthotic Footwear & Extra Depth Shoes

February 10th 2016

Your Best Foot Forward...

Feet are the part of the human anatomy that arguably take on the most wear and tear on a daily basis. From traveling to and from each destination to simply standing up for long periods of time during the work day, feet are asked to handle…

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Moving from a Temporary to a Definitive Prosthesis

February 3rd 2016


Once your amputation surgery has been completed, it will then be time for you to start the process of finding a prosthetic limb that will fit you perfectly. Your doctors know that your new prosthesis is becoming a part of your body, so perfection is the only option. While…

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Exercises for Amputees

January 27th 2016


By now, your amputation surgery may already be complete and you have been given the challenging task of continuing your everyday life with the addition of a prosthesis or prosthetic limb. With the accompaniment of this new device, daily activities tend to be more difficult than they used to…

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Caring for your Prosthesis

January 20th 2016



Once you’ve healed from surgery and are ready to begin your journey as a new amputee, you’ll be fitted with a prosthesis, or prosthetic limb, to replace the surgically removed one. While your prosthetist will be able to guide you on how to use, care for, and maintain…

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